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1. What hotel are we staying at? 

We utilize a 4 Star American Hotel with all suite rooms. Look at our Facebook site for photos.


2. I want to book a flight early, what time should I arrive?

Plan on arriving no later than 12:30 PM the first day of the Course.


3. Is there a shuttle from the airport to the hotel?  

There is transportation from the San Diego Airport to the Hotel in Tijuana, Mexico for the start of the

lectures. If you miss the transportation, you are responsible for your own UBER/Taxi expenses.


4. Is there a shuttle going to Tijuana?  

We provide the transportation from San Diego Airport to Tijuana and the return to the San Diego Airport upon conclusion of the Course.


5. Can i leave my vehicle at the hotel?


You can leave your vehicle at the San Diego Airport for a daily parking fee.

Upon the end of the Course, we will transport you back to the San Diego Airport.


6. How much is the parking fee? 

Rates change frequently, contact the San Diego International  Airport website.


7. Can I bring my camera?  

Yes, Bring as many cameras as you desire.

8. What's the difference between solo chair and shared chair?  

Solo Chair is a surgical operatory where  only you are performing the implant procedures all day.

The Shared Chair is with another dentist in which you will assist on 50% of the procedures and perform the surgeries on 50% of procedures.

The Shared Chair is only provided for 2 dentists who register simultaneously.


9. What should i bring with me to the course? 

Multiple scrubs, tennis shoes, surgical loupes with light, N95 masks fitted for your face.


10. What are your payment options? 

Payment in full, finance with Lending Club, or 30% Installments prior to course with balance in full paid prior to start of the Course.  


11. Can i refer a patient to the course? 

Yes, patient referrals are accepted. Patient receives treatment at no cost. 


12. If i sign up now, will you bill my credit card immediately?  

You can register for the Course with $1,000 deposit. The balance in full will

be authorized  10 days before the start of the Course.



13. What's the implant  system  you use for placing implants?

Please contact our Program Directors for the systems we are utilizing.

14. I will arrive a day before the course, do i need to pay for an additional room?

Yes, you are responsible for your room charges prior to the start of the Course. San Diego has incredible world class ocean front resort facilities. Feel request a list of recommended properties.

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