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Fastest Growing Implant Surgical Course in the US!

Place implants on live patients!

Don't waste another moment thinking about attending a course where they use pig heads or cadavers to teach you implantology. If you do... you are wasting your time, prolonging your education and additional income.

Best dental educators in the industry

University Implant Educators is the best and one of the only institutes with the experience and and unique staff that will teach you implant surgery on real patients. For 25 years we have helped dentists like yourself change their practice and change their lives!

Advanced education for dentists

When you attend our courses, we will transport you and other dentists to a state of the art facility in Mexico. We provide instructors with decades of experience and proven talent. For added perspective, our dental assistants have each placed over 1,000 implants. You will utilize innovative instruments that will open your eyes and be taught methodologies by doctors that open your mind. 

Courses unlike anything imaginable

Your accommodations in Mexico include staying in a luxurious and modern hotel with excellent amenities. You will be fed amazing Mexican food unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Transportation will be provided at all times and you will acclimate very fast to our professional caring family of professionals. Attending a course at UIE will never be forgotten.

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