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Resources for Dentists

During each training course, our students are introduced to new cases, procedures and methodologies. These often require that our students to utilize systems, instruments and products that they have probably never seen or heard of since they had yet to perform surgical implant operations. Part of the structure within the courses is to introduce and teach doctors how to use these dental products which will impact their ability to finish procedures more efficiently and effectively. 

Below is a list of many of the dental products that are covered and provided during our courses. The list provides brands, models, websites as well as contacts. University Implant Educators has partnered with these manufacturers and distributors to ensure they extend our savings to our students upon completion of a course. This is an added value to the course as our dentists will learn to use these products and save time and money in being able to find the products for their own practice.   

Reflect Tapered Screw by IDS Integrated Dental Systems

Reflect™ Implants provide greater strength when compared to implants manufactured with conventional Grade 4 Titanium. Manufactured with an enhanced raw material to create stronger Commercially Pure Titanium (CP4) this allows IDS to provide an implant with superior strength yet maintain its purity for a high degree of biocompatibility. 

Contact Martin Sanchez at (650) 207-9251

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