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Where dentists from all over the world meet before crossing into to Mexico

So how does University Implant Educators get dentists together and travel to Mexico? Simple! All of our dentists either drive or take a flight into San Diego, California and meet at Four Points by Sheraton San Diego. This hotel is an excellent arrival point for doctors who travel from all parts of the world to attend our courses.

At around 8am on a Friday, all students and staff gather to have breakfast and talk at the hotels Citrus restaurant. The delicious food is in a buffet style and is paid by UIE. The breakfast talk is an excellent time for everyone to meet each other, if they have not met the night before.

By 9am everyone is done eating and ready to begin their day! Dentists begin placing their belongings in our transport vehicles and then head-off to to cross the US-Mexico border. The drive from the hotel in San Diego to the facility in Tijuana, Mexico is only 30 minutes. Call this a super comfortable, delicious and awesome travel for learning experience!

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